Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lest you forget . . .

We do have dogs. Here's some pictures of two of them.
Winni does love her sticks. Here she is skipping in the front yard. Please do note that all of her feet are off of the ground.
It has been almost a year since her TPLO surgery which is fully documented in that link to all of the posts about her recovery. She is using her leg so well. Knock on wood, we haven't noticed any problems with the other leg either. We have kept her weight down which I'm sure has helped.There she is, happy as she ever was!

And here's Calvin . . .

He's doing well, too, knock on wood! At 13 and a half, he still keeps up with all of his girlfriends. He either has selective hearing of some hearing loss; my bet is a little of both. His appetite is great, which is what the vet told us to look out for as a sign of kidney problems, but he tries to be first in line for the food every day. We are really lucky that he is doing so well!

As for the other two, they wouldn't stay still long enough to be photographed with my sad camera. Perhaps next time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The tile is lookin' good...

The tile is going in and it looks great. It really warms the space up.
These pictures were taken a few days ago, so now most of the tile is in as is most of the grout.
They should be done by Wednesday or Thursday. Once all of the grout is in, we will roll a polyurethane sealer over the whole surface to seal the grout and the tiles. We purchased presealed super saltillo tile, but most installation instructions we have found encourage a topcoat after installation which is then reapplied every two years or so.

A few other things . . .
Here's the railing from the loft. David welded it and it turned out really great. I need to get a better picture of it from the bedroom. You can also see how all of the colors meet in this photo.

And one more picture . . .
Here's a panoramic picture of the view from the deck. Click for a bigger view. David said the sunset was great the other day. I've missed them so far, but I can't wait to catch one.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Saltillo tile is muy bueno...

So we have begun the tile installation. One of David's friends is a tile installer and has started working on our saltillo floors. They look so great. I'm really glad that we went with the saltillo. I love the color variation and the natural look it gives the room.
Sorry the picture is blurry. I really need a new camera.

Here's a view of the house that I don't post very often. I put it up so that you could see another angle of the deck.
In this picture, David has just started the decking boards on the deck. They are done now, and the view from up there is really fabulous.
I guess that's all for now.