Saturday, March 28, 2009

Long time no blog . . .

Friends. First, I'm quite sorry that I've been absent for so long. I have a good reason. I've been busy growing a baby - a little girl. I'm due at the end of June, the 29th to be precise, which is my maternal grandfather's birthday. My mom is positive that she will wait until then to arrive. So many of my family members share birthdays, so I won't be surprised if she does wait.

This imminent arrival gives us a nice, firm deadline for completing the addition. Our current bedroom will become the nursery. The baby will be in the new bedroom with us for a while, so I'm glad that we built big, but she (and we) need room for all of the stuff that comes along with having a child. We do have to finish the addition before she gets here since our current bedroom is quite small (less than 12' x 12' and one wall is entirely closet doors). If the baby comes before the addition is done, I suppose she can bunk with Winni. (Just kidding. Seriously.)

I've been thinking about how to decorate the baby's room, so I think that I jinxed us. We had a major plumbing fiasco, which I'll post photos of later in the week. Let's just say that Bay-Bay gets new floors in her room. Old carpet + water = stinky. Anyway, I found this cool tool on It has user posted rooms. I've added an RSS feed of the nurseries to my google reader for inspiration. It is amazing to see all of the creativity on there.

David and I are thrilled about our new family member. We can't wait to meet her. We are looking forward to this new chapter in our life together.

PS-I won't turn this into a baby blog, but I'm sure she will creep in from time to time.