Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emmeline -11 months

Thankfully, this month has been much less eventful that illness-ridden month 10.  I forgot to mention in last month's update that she had gotten her top two middle teeth.  Now she has the next two top teeth coming in!  We're up to 6 total.
Here are some milestones for the month.  I have dates for some, and not for others.
  • Licked Winni (May 22) Yep.  Crawled right over and licked her on her furry face.  I guess she figured that was the appropriate greeting, since that is what the dogs do to her.
  • Points and says dat (May 10)
  • Nods head yes and shakes head no (May 31)
  • Says Ma Ma and Da Da consistently.  When I get her out of the car after daycare, she points to the house and says "Da Da" because she expects him to be home before us.
  • Knows what hugs are, and may or may not give you one.  Usually, she just shakes her head no.
  • Recognizes pictures of me, David and the dogs.
  • Stands alone for 10ish seconds.
  • Cruises around on the furniture.
  • Takes a bath without her bath seat and likes to throw things out of the tub.

She is about to start walking, but I'm thinking she's saving that for her first trip to Camp Winnataska next week!

We sure do love her!
(Please note her full body hugging technique pictured below!)