Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emmeline - 10 months (sorry so late...)

  So, what a month.  Emmeline started the month off with another double ear infection for two weeks (April 12-23) which took two rounds of two different antibiotics to solve.  The next week (April 26-30) brought the lovely roseola - an illness characterized by a high fever (we made it to 103.7 degrees), followed by a rash.  We ended up at the Children's ER one night.  Of course, by the time we got there her fever was at a much more respectable 101.5.  Roseola = a bunch of crap, thank you very much.

Not to be outdone by the past three weeks, next on the illness agenda was pink eye (May 1-6).  Really spectacular, that one.  So much so that I just had to try it as well (May 6-12).  I really don't want to get it ever again.  My eyeball was swollen - the actual eyeball.  I spent 3 hours of my first Mother's Day alone at the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital Emergency Room to make sure that my eyeball didn't explode.  Having spent a lovely 12 weeks at home with my baby after her birth, I burned some comp and vacation time to be out with one of the most contagious disease imaginable.  Fantastic.

On top of all of this fun, David designed and built the set for Samford Theatre's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie which ran April 30-May 2.  The show was so wonderful.  The production looked great, and the students did a fantastic job with a very big show.  Once the show came down, so did David.  I think he picked up the pink eye virus which, on him, showed up as a really, really bad case of the ick.  He had a terrible fever and chills for about 5 days and then has felt run down and awful for two weeks.  It started on May 4 and is still lingering about.

All in all, a banner month in wellness for the Glenn household.  I know I'm whining, and I know it could have been so much worse.  It just seemed like last month was a doozy health-wise!  Nothing was major, but all the little stuff seemed to add up.  Thankfully, we are all on the mend!

But onto the more fun stuff.  What Emmeline is up to nowadays.

She consistently says Da-da to David.  She consistently says duh, which means dog.  She consistently says mmm which means I'm hungry for food, milk, formula, cheerios, that couch cushion, a kleenex, your grocery list - whatever she might want to eat at the time.  She will on occasion say Ma-ma and really mean it.

She laughs when you laugh.  It is her most endearing trait.  If David and I laugh at something, she laughs right along with us.  If the cashier at Walmart laughs at the manager, she laughs, too.  And I mean side-splitting laughter.  You can tell it is forced, but it isn't fake.  She is really laughing.

Another cute new development is hugging people and things.  Her stuffed animals were on the floor one day when she got home from school and she crawled right over to her teddy bear (which is as big as she is) and laid right down on it and "hugged" it.  Then she crawled over to the other stuffed animals and did the same.  She hugs the dogs, too.  Chica HATES it.  Winni and Ginny don't mind too much until the hair pulling starts, then it's off they go.  Emmeline has also gotten very good at hugging David and me as well - so sweet.

Developmentally, I think she's right on track.  She bangs things together (the louder, the better).  She eats with her hands (mmmmmmmm).  She plays pat-a-cake ("roll it up" is a struggle, but she tries and says "rrrr" while she does).  She stands by herself for a few seconds, and looks like she wants to walk, but doesn't really like to cruise too much or walk while holding our fingers.

All in all, it was a crazy month.  Health-wise it was a 3 (ranked that way because all three of us made it through, relatively unscathed).  Personality-wise, it was a 10.  Emmeline could not be a sweeter child.  A better sleeper, yes, but sweeter, not a chance.

 (Where is my 2 week old that slept through the night...)