Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I can see clearly now...

So there's been some window progress. David and his parents got the window sills and the trim up on all of the windows.

David's mom cleaned the dining room windows. What a huge difference!

Ginny really appreciates the sill height on these two. Perfect for squirrel watching.

Here's the colors in the bedroom. It is the best angle I could use to get all of them in.

On another note, remember this incident? I sent them off to get repaired and this is what I got back. Can you see the gobbed up epoxy holding them together? For the love, I can't wear these out... I'll look like an idiot. Who do they employ at the repair division, blind monkeys. And on top of the blobby epoxy, they "buffed" some scratches off of the lenses, but made even more with the buffer.

Geez! They didn't even line up the halves before the blobbing.
They are sending a replacement pair as well, which is good since this hack job was certainly not worth the $70 I paid.

Y'all have a good'n.

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jennifer said...

Ok, Marc and I are sitting here laughing at that "repair" if you can even call it that... it's like a joke! Are you sure they didn't repair your glasses on April Fool's? The bedroom looks like it's coming along!