Saturday, July 10, 2010

Emmeline - 1 year

Oh. My. Goodness.  I can't believe that she is a year old.  Let's see how we got here.

Seconds old.

One month.  All swaddled and big smiles.

Two months.  New hairdo!

Three months.  Sitting pretty!

Four months.  Loves her paci!

Five months.  Sweet cheeks!

Six months.  Even with an ear infection, she's all smiles!

Seven months.  Sweet toothy smiles.

Eight months.  Pretty in pink, and getting more curious.

Nine months.  Into everything!

Ten months.  So happy to be outside!

Eleven months.  Here I come, ready or not!

One year.  Steppin' out!

My girl has had a great month, with only a little bit of sickness thrown in.  She started walking (at camp, big surprise) and is a master crawler.  Emmeline's intellect seems to be expanding exponentially.  All of a sudden, she is doing a great job communicating with us, and in less baby-like ways.  

Her vocabulary includes: Mama, Dada, wuh-wuh (the answer to the question "what does a puppy dog say" and the dogs themselves), du (duck), doh (dog), tya tya (thank you), ba ba (don't know what that one means), hi, bye and many many other noises.  She also does well making her needs know in ways without words, including pointing, grunting, screaming and screeching!  

She loves playing and reading books.  She has a few toys that are favorites, but loves the books the best.  She loves babbling to herself in the mirror.  Another new fun game is throwing the ball to us, and catching it when we roll it back to her.

She follows simple instructions very well.  She can stand up, walk, help get herself dressed, and give hugs when asked.  She is starting to get frustrated when she doesn't get what she wants, which is usually a product of her inability to communicate what she wants to us.  I'm just thinking that it is a terrible two's temper tantrum preview.  I'm just really proud that she is doing such a good job getting her point across.  We'll work on volume control next!

Still not sleeping well...  She's just about the sweetest think other than that, so I'll call it even, I guess.


Rachel said...

She is super cute and looks like she is a lot of fun. Congratulations on her first birthday! I think it is a milestone for parents, too!

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Emmeline! She is a doll and hopefully I will meet her before her second birthday! How fun that she took her first steps at camp!

arthukd said...

Bahaha!! Volume control, I wonder who she gets that from :-)

Leslie and Geoff said...

Could you please share your hair and teeth growing secrets with me? Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GIRL EMMELINE!