Thursday, December 20, 2007

So sorry it has been so long...

I have been insanely busy since my last post, but I thought you all deserved something.

I'll do some more house photos soon, but in honor of this fabulous collection of bad Nativities, I'll add a photo of my own.

When I sold my house, I buried St. Joseph, Patron Saint of House and Home, upside down in my yard. The theory is that St. Joseph wants to get settled again, so the house will sell faster. Here is more info, and yes it did work.

Anyway, I forgot him. Yep, I left him in the yard at my old house. Oops! And I didn't buy a new set last year because all the good ones were gone. Ditto for this year, but now I kind of like it. So now we have Spiderman waiting patienly for Baby Jesus to appear. What can you do.

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