Monday, March 10, 2008

In case you missed this in the 80's

Really, you should watch it. It is sooooooo strange, really really strange.

I do love the internet though. My friend Jennifer was talking about this song yesterday, and now, here it is for you to watch. I remember my dad thinking this was the coolest video. I'll let that slide and chalk it up to the "novelty" of MTV.

Have a good day, and if you get a chance, take a fish head out to see a movie!


The Simpkins Fam said...

I remember that song, NOW I will never get it out of my head....and it took me all of the 80's to get rid of it!!!!! Love ya!

jennifer said...

Elin, just so you know things have come full circle, Isaac and I viewed the video several times (oh yes, several) on Saturday. He's getting a real education in 80's absurdity. The interesting thing is, it's no less absurd today than it was when it came out... (and it still tickles my funny bone) Isaac was both nonplussed and fascinated -- "Mom, that's wierd. Can we watch it again?"