Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So I took two dogs to the vet today...

Calvin and Chica were due for their ($600) annual visit to the vet. I'd love to say that they were perfect angels (Chica had to be muzzled in the back) and that I had tons of pictures (Calvin DOES NOT LIKE the exam table), but alas, only text.

They are in perfect health, as far a the vet could see on his examination. Dr. Kidd said that Chica is "very muscular" (which I think means obstinate, strong and scary). He said that Calvin is doing very well, too; a few bumps and cataracts, but at one month shy of 13, that is no small feat.

We are still crossing our fingers that the blood work comes back good. The regular rounds come back tomorrow and Calvin's "special," old man, post-cancer, blood work comes back Saturday or Monday. After the long wait on the blood work after his 10 pound tumor removal, I don't relish these next few days.

It will be a long wait, and I hope that what Dr. Kidd says holds true.

Also, did you see in the news about the shooting at the polling location. Yea, I got there about an hour after that happened. It wasn't all that exciting; just a stray bullet from across the street. No one was injured. Good thing I took the dogs to the vet and missed the whole thing!

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