Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dog update . . .

I thought you might want to get an update on the dogs. They are doing well!Winni really loves the windows in the loft. They are also at the perfect height for her to look out of. She also likes the deck. No pictures yet, but she enjoys sitting out there and looking down at the yard.

Chica is the sentinel. She would sit in this chair all day long and bark at all of the small animals in the yard, the mailman, the neighbors, etc. Ginny likes this spot, too.

Here's Calvin. Still kickin'. He has his annual vet appointment in a few weeks. Last year they said he wasn't doing too great and to watch for his appetite to ebb. He's still first in line (well tied for first with Winni) when it's time for food in the morning. We think it is due to having three young girls in the house that keeps him young!!

Here's a rare still pose from Ginny. Normally she is moving so fast that all the camera sees is a black blur. She is still the sweetest dog of the bunch. A mess, and a digger, and a little attention hungry, but totally the sweetest dog of the bunch.

This is what she normally looks like. - tongue out from running hot laps around the yard.

We are pretty lucky and blessed to have such great dogs. I can't wait to see how they are with the baby. I'm sure they will love her as much as we do!

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