Friday, May 29, 2009

100th post . . .

So this is the 100th post! I thought I'd show y'all a couple of the pictures from the 4d ultrasound. This is especially appropriate because I'm due one month from today. I hope she makes it that long because then she would share a birthday with my grandfather.
She looks so sweet in this one. These were done at 31 weeks. That is her foot up in front of her face and her hand under her chin. At that point she was sitting breach. I'm not sure if she still is. She may be. We will find out at our appointment on Tuesday.

She was totally over the whole process in this picture. This was the last picture they got. After this she turned away. I'm sure she was just warming those lungs up for the real deal.

We are so excited and can't wait to meet her!!!

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TBG said...

i am so excited for yall and can't wait to see that face for real... and to hear the name yall have chosen. i'm sure it's wonderful :) i know youre glowing.