Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm due in four weeks - June 29 - so most likely I'll have a baby by the end of the month. (Wow!) I was pondering the change from holding my baby on the inside to holding my baby on the outside and I thought I should write some of those thoughts down. It turned into a list of pairs of things I WILL and WON'T miss about pregnancy.

I WILL miss feeling her move around inside of me.
I WON'T miss the use of my organs as trampolines and punching bags.

I WILL miss having a reason to rest and put my feet up.
I WON'T miss my feet being so swollen as a reason that I HAVE to rest and put my feet up.

I WILL miss people's genuine interest in my health and well being.
I WON'T miss being photographed and touched like some roadside attraction. ("Look Ma, its the world's only two headed goat. Can I pet it . . . them . . . it?" If we are friends, it is one thing - if not, lens cap on and paws off, please.)

I WILL miss people telling me how pregnancy must agree with me because I look so nice.
I WON'T miss comments like "Are you sure you are going to make it four more weeks. You're huge!"

I WILL miss being allowed to wear flip-flops to work.
I WON'T miss falling over like a weeble-wobble when I try to put on any shoes but slip-ons.

I WILL miss baby hiccups. (Totally cool and weird at the same time.)
I WON'T miss being out of breath after one flight of steps.

I WILL miss eating ice cream every day.
I WON'T miss being so hot that I feel like I should climb into the ice cream.

I WILL miss shiny hair and nails.
I WON'T miss trying to reach around my baby belly to shave my legs. (Seriously, it's kinda like trying to shave at camp again!)

I WILL miss sleeping (I hear that babies disrupt that).
I WON'T miss arranging five pillows to try to get comfortable in the bed.

I WILL miss knowing that my baby is safe, well and warm inside of me.
I WON'T miss the anticipation of meeting this miracle for the first time.

I really enjoy the duality of life, and this exercise pointed to that for me. We would all like our situations to be perfect all the time. But on the other hand, if they were spotless, how could we appreciate the beauty in the contrast? Would the sunset be so beautiful, if it weren't for the rain clouds? Perhaps that is why pregnancy can be, and birth is so painful - to give you a sense of the wideness and depth of the joy and love you will feel when you finally get to meet your child.

So, for these last few weeks, I'll be getting through all of this fleeting pain of pregnancy to get to the wonder of a little gooey bundle of joy. I can't wait!


TBG said...

great post, Elin! you're so precious. :o) can't wait to watch as you start this amazing adventure.... and one day seek your wisdom haha!

Elin said...

I'm not so sure about wisdom, but I'll be happy to tell you the real story!

Rachel said...

Great post Elin! I couldn't have said it any better. So many of your "won't" list made me giggle.

Elin said...

Thanks Rachel!