Saturday, March 24, 2007

Does knitting fiction count as an FO?

I'm going to keep track of the books that I read this year. I'm terrible about reading a book and then picking it up a few years later and starting it again. NO MORE!! I shall log them here, with a mini-review. There will be another post later to list what I've read up to now, but one step at a time.

Title: The Friday Night Knitting Club
Author: Kate Jacobs
Pages: 340
Rating: ****

Pros: chick lit while dealing with real interpersonal dynamics (illness, interracial families, reconciling with estranged friends), characters seemed very believable

Cons: no patterns (save a garter scarf), predictable in parts

Favorite parts: James' mother telling him that he hand picked which of her rules to follow, using obedience as an excuse for his behavior toward Georgia; Dakota's baking, Georgia's entrepreneurship and Anita's working all ignored the stereotypical rolls of child, business owner, senior citizen

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