Sunday, March 25, 2007

Progress on the house...

In case you don't know, David and I are renovating our house, and getting ready to put on an addition. David bought the house in 2001 and started renovating it soon after. With all of the renovations, the exterior looked a little busy with brick, vinyl siding and wooden siding. To remedy this, we decided to paint the whole exterior.

Since everyone loves a before and after, I have two. The before pictures were taken soon after he purchased it and the afters were taken today.

You can click for a larger view, but this is the front view.

And here's the back.

Paint Colors:
Main House: Behr Sweet Georgia Brown
Trim: Rustoleum Black Semi-Gloss
Doors: Glidden Cranberry Zing

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

so you painted the siding? i have the same problem, ugly bream/brown siding and crumbling red brick. i want to paint it all but everyone thinks that painting the siding is you know how often you will need to repaint?