Wednesday, November 25, 2009

He was born on the third of July...

and died the day before Thanksgiving.

Calvin had to be put to sleep this morning. The cancer was back, and it was shutting him down. If you don't remember, Calvin was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, the most invasive, blood born cancer a dog can have. They removed a ten pound tumor that had taken over his spleen in August of 2006, two weeks before our wedding. Calvin was eleven. The told us he would live four months, on the outside.

He made it three and a half more years.

He met Ginny.

He met Emmeline.

Now he's eating steak in heaven with all of his girlfriends.

We love him and miss him so much. He truly is the greatest dog I've ever known. Hands down. He introduced David and me. He was one evolutionary rung away from speech, I could see it in his eyes. He would hide rawhides from the other dogs, even at 14 years old. He went out smiling.

What a great run, Calvin.

I'm so blessed to have known you.


TBG said...

oh ELIN! words cannot express how sorry I am :( I am crying and my hurt physically aches for you and David... and Calvin. At least in heaven, like you said.. he's eating steak and running around with his healthy body. I am just so so sorry. These dogs are such a blessing to us. It's really hard to let them go.

Barb said...

Elin, I'm so sorry for your loss. Dogs give us so much. May all your memories of him give you some comfort during this sad time!

TBG said...

lol... i said "hurt" physically aches... i meant "heart"... haha... i blame the hormones. ;o)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dog and I bet even more beautiful memories. That post made me hurt for you,but I gain comfort in the knowledge that dogs expect us to o the best we can for them,and its evident you did. Sounds like he was that "soulmate dog" that some of us are fortunate enough to know. :-)