Friday, November 13, 2009

Seeing double . . .

I found this old picture in a stack that my mom gave me.
Me at exactly four months on my christening day.

And here's a new one.
Emmeline at five days shy of four months, in the same dress.

Same dress.

Same age.

She is totally cuter.


Leslie and Geoff said...

I love family traditions like that. Liam will be wearing a family heirloom gown that's over 100 years old at his Christening!

Barb said...

She's beautiful! But I disagree. You were just as cute!

Jenny said...

Hi Elin!
It's Jenny Fox- Shain from UM.
I just saw your blog, saw you as a friend of UMers on FB. That photo of your baby in your old dress is GORGEOUS! I love it!
Jenny Fox Shain