Friday, July 11, 2008

Gee, your yard looks terrific...

This is what the yard looked like when I got home the other day. Most people would be sad, but not us.
This sight meant that the inspector was coming for a final sign-off on the plumbing. It also meant the bill for the plumbing, which was $3000 more than expected. We have had such good luck with most of the contractors' pricing, that it was bound to happen sooner of later.
"Is that new air condition unit listing," you ask. Why yes, yes it is. David had to lean it up and rest it on bricks because it was installed on top of two of the drain lines that the plumbers put in. David said it is no big deal to put it back.
What makes the atrocious state of our yard even more humorous is the activity level of our new neighbors. They are out of control with the yard work. In the past few weeks they have cleared out about three trees and a huge privet hedge, painted the interior of the house, planted all of the flowers available at the Home Depot and spiffed up their front porch. It looks wonderful and I'm so glad that we have such conscientious neighbors. However, they work entirely too hard; so hard, in fact that I get tired just watching their progress.

Y'all have a good day!

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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Winni! And Elin, that's so funny -- I blogged our yard today too! It doesn't look like yours, though ;-)