Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm back...

So I made it back from camp. It was a blast. I came home to this friend.

This is Stella, our friends' sheepdog. Colin and Annalisa are out west, so we are up to five dogs until Saturday. She's behaving for the most part, and having a great time with our other dogs here at Camp Glenn.

Anyway, our week at camp was wonderful.
We always have a theme for the week that we are director, and this year's was "All I Needed to Know I Learned at Camp Winnataska." I learned many things...

My family is both weird...

and wonderful.
This is a "family former" picture of me, Seth, Marcie, my mom (front row), Bee, Tricia and Dollie (back row) after Tricia was Galahad last week. Mom and Marcie, Dollie, and Bee are cousins and Tricia is Dollie's daughter. We are pretty sure that Tricia is the first 3rd generation Galahad, which is quite cool.

More lessons learned...
Country Night dances are a workout.

"Cats on the couch" will always be funny, even when it enters the second generation.

Catching up with old friends is always good for the soul.

Again, I'll say that we had a great week. Last Sunday was Winnataska's 90th Birthday Party and there were over 300 people there. I hope it is still around for 90 x 90 more!

Now really, I must go clean this house and bathe Winni and get off of blogger / facebook / etc.


Colin & Annalisa said...


Thanks for watching our little girl. We are at LAX now having drinks, waiting for our flight to Vegas.

Annalisa & Colin

Victor McCay said...

Good to know Annalisa & Colin made it to the airport. It sure was fun having them in L.A.

That first picture of Stella is SO cute!

Karen said...

Ahhh Cat's on the couch. Maybe we should head out Tuesday after lunch and get things stirred up. Last week was a little to tame for me!

Elin said...

They are a bit tame. Perhaps it is because I was sitting on the floor instead of the couch.