Monday, May 16, 2011

Emmeline's daily recap...

On Monday, May 2, Emmeline went with me to the chiropractor and then to her first dental check-up.  This is her description of the day.

She describes the chiropractor visit so well.  Mamma had an "uh-oh" on her back, so she went "night-night" on the "table" and the doctor "pixed it."

Then we went to her dentist appointment.  Her dentist is friends with Lightening McQueen from Cars (who knew that a decal on your wall made you friends with someone).  They cleaned her teeth, then painted her hand purple and she got to do a hand print on a yet-to-be-installed ceiling tile.

Emmeline is so observant, it is sort of scary.  Keeps us on our toes, for sure!

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arthukd said...

Soooo stinkin' cute!!!