Saturday, May 14, 2011

Second-Hand Style: Mother's Day

Here's the first post in what I hope becomes a regular category on this blog: Second-Hand Style.  One of my Lenten diciplines this year was to wear one outfit every week that was completely purchased second hand. I do a really good job of shoping as the the Thrift Store, but sometimes I find it difficult to pull those items into an everyday rotation of my wardrobe.  I thought that by consciously making the choice every week to go all second-hand, I would jump start a personal trend.  And it worked!  I had a friend suggest that I start posting some of my thrifted outfits here, so here goes!

The weekend of Mother's Day was also the weekend of the season closer at the theatre where I work.  When Sunday morning rolled around, I was tired and felt like wearing jeans to church.  Lucky for me, no one at St. Andrew's cares what you wear!  Here's a picture of me and Emmeline in our Bargain Basement finest!

Elin's Outfit
Worthington Sweater: Thrifted $1 (75% off $4) Similar
Tank: Walmart clearance $3 Similar
Jeans: Chico's Platinum Denim, Thrifted $5 Similar, but mine are dark wash
Shoes: Frye sandles, Thrifted $2.50 (50% off $5), Can't find anything similar, but Frye sandals are around $125
Necklace: Thrifted $3.50 Sort of similar
Bracelets and Ring: probably about $10, Goody's clearance ages ago, Sort of similar
Total cost: $25 my way, $264.97 retail

Emmeline's Outfit
T-shirt: Granimals, Thrifted (but brand new) $2 Similar
Dress: No brand tag, Thrifted $3 Similar
Bloomers: No brand tag, Thrifted $.25 (1 of a bag of 8 for $2) Similar
Fake Crocs: Thrifted (but brand new) $2 Similar (with princesses) or Similar (with Cars)
Total cost: $7.25 my way, $33.23 retail

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