Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Dining Room Buffet

Who doesn't need more storage, right.  I think that everyone I know needs one of two things: less stuff or more storage.  We are working toward both of those.  We got lots of beautiful serving pieces and table linens as wedding gifts, but we didn't have a whole lot of storage space in the china cabinet.  We have been looking for a piece to put in the dining room to store those items and to serve as a buffet.  Well, we lucked out.  Look what we found a few weekends ago.
Welcome home, Mr. Mid-Century Modern, solid wood dresser/buffet.  We've missed you.  We bought him at one of our favorite Thrift Stores, Mission Possible in Pinson.  We can usually find great deals on furniture and children's clothes at that store.

I really love the clean lines and fine craftsmanship of mid-century pieces, especially the Danish ones.  This piece was in great shape.  All the drawers work beautifully with no sticking and there are very few scratches on the finish.  I looked online for a modern equivalent, and I couldn't find one.  However, here is a link to one on eBay.
Um, $850 is a lot more than what we paid for it.  We waffled on paying $20, which was 75% off of the original $80 price! 

Looks like we got a good deal!

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