Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's a Super Fat Tuesday...

First, and most importantly, please go and vote today. Please...

Second, Happy Mardi Gras. It's Fat Tuesday, or as my priest calls it, "The Last Blast Before the Fast." Live it up! Eat some King Cake!

On to other news. This is what I came home to on Saturday. I had to work about half a day, and when I got home, Winni was chillin' in the yard.
Note the girls don't understand why she is outside the fence.

Calvin is also a bit confused.

We also got the house tied together. You can really see how the new construction will connect to the old house now.
I really like all of the angles from the back.

We haven't broken through into the old house yet, but the hallway is constructed. We are also not having any water entry. So great, because the weather guessers are talking about big storms tonight.
Here's a closer view.

These pictures were taken on Saturday afternoon, right before we wrapped it up in Tyvek. We'll be installing some more windows soon!

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