Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stormy weather...

So I had hoped to post about the work on the house and my progress on the items for the Spring Show, but I thought I'd let you know about our bad weather.

So the bad weather started at about 3:45 a.m. and lasted about 30 minutes. David (and the weather) woke me up and we were in immediate panic mode. It really sounded like a freight train was going by the house. Then the hail started and there was a lot of it. Right when we woke up, the power went off, and the weather radio is out in the addition, so we were a little uninformed.

The power came back on about two minutes later and we tuned into NBC13 who let ups know that there was a tornado warning for the eastern Jefferson county. HELLO!! That's where I live! Did the sirens go off? I don't think so; normally they wake us up.

Finally it started calming down, but then we couldn't find Ginny. Where was she... outside in the RAIN AND LIGHTENING! Perhaps she wanted to go off the Oz and we should have left her name Toto. We got back to sleep around 4:30 and all we really wanted was a good night of sleep.

Here's what we woke up to this morning.

Why yes that is a walk board from the scaffolding that is set up BEHIND the house. It blew OVER the house and landed about 20 feet from the front door. Could it land on my car? Of course not.

That piece of walk board blew off and was leaning against that window in the corner. By the way, that window and about 10 more were installed YESTERDAY. Thankfully, it didn't get damaged.

The hail/wind BLEW THE PAINT OFF THE HOUSE. Really, that is a bit much. All the black trim on the two back french doors looks like that. One more thing on the list.

Anyway, we have lots of windows in and I'm about halfway ready for the Spring Show craft fair. More on that later.


Adrienne said...

It got bad here this morning too. WOW @ blowing the paint off!

Jennifer said...

Elin you weren't kidding!! (Of course I didn't think you were kidding, really... but I couldn't quite imagine what you meant about the wind BLOWING PAINT OFF till I saw those photos).

Wowee mazowee. We heard the sirens go off sometime after three (my eyes were too bleary to read the clock correctly) in the middle of a dead calm and when I looked out the window the sky had that freaky greenish look. Then checking with the NBC and all that... scary storm. So loud, so fast.