Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mama, oh mama...

Why did you leave me here in this kennel.

I only have my flamingo for company. He doesn't talk much anymore.

Here I sit... my knee hurts, I've squeeked my friend until he can't squeek no more. Why can't I go sing in the choir with you. I have a lovely voice. Just stop and get me a new squeeker on the way.

I'll be good... please...

pretty please.

Oh well. I'll stay here. Too bad I can't watch ants. (Yikes! If you click that link, I'm a little chubby in the picture. Dr. Ballagas said I was doing good with my weight loss. I'm down to a slim-for-me 58.5 pounds.)

Bye mama. Have fun singing. Maybe I'll go next week. Perhaps it would be too much for now. Why yes, I do believe I'll have another nap.

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