Saturday, February 2, 2008

A week & Three Days

So I jinxed her again. It was the squeeker this time. Below is all that remains of Winni's new "voicebox."
On the left is the cow pirate, on the right is the new piggy

I'll get her another one today. David said that while his back was turned, Ginny must have pulled it through the holes in the kennel and shredded it.

In other news, David put Winni up on the couch last night and she sacked out completely. That is her favorite spot in the house, so to her all was back to normal.
She seems to be lying on her surgery leg to protect it, which seems smart with "The Shredder" looming.

She really loved it, and did very well with staying still.

Also, the new header picture, care of David, is the sunrise from our front door this morning. Sometimes, my house is like a vacation mountain home. I'll have some house pictures up in the next few days.


Jennifer said...

WOW! Nice sunset!
I'm glad Winni is doing better -- she looks really happy on the couch.

The Simpkins Fam said...