Saturday, February 9, 2008

PV Everyone!

It's College Night! I was leader 10 years ago, and in honor of that...

Wow... the wayback machine will make you dizzy if you stay in it too long. Or maybe that is still the stomach bug.

Anyway, I'm going down to Montevallo for the show tonight. I was going to go down all day, but I still don't feel all that great, so I'll just go for the show. Last year it was in the Student Activity Center, but it is back in the newly renovated Palmer Hall, which I can't wait to see.

Gosh, I hope they win. They lost last year, so perhaps they are fired up.

I hope you all have a magically wonderful, purple-rific day. Go throw some moon pies, but not at anyone, please!

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The Simpkins Fam said...

POOF! Did they win??? Love you!