Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not much to report...

Winni went to the vet this morning and there doesn't seem to be any major problems with her knee. They sedated her and drew fluid and took x-rays. There was a little blood in her knee, but not too much. The joint is inflamed, not swolen, which is good news. Her x-rays looked fine. Dr. Ballagas prescribed an antibiotic and an anti-inflametory. He said that inflamed joints can lead to infected joints, so hopefully the medicines will ward that off, and the knee will get better.

We have to go back next Wednesday morning for a recheck. I wish I knew what precipitated the re-injury. Dr. Ballagas thought that perhaps she just tweaked it, which inflamed it. If that is the case, then perhaps now she is just being prissy gentle and doesn't want to hurt it again. When they brought her out to wait while the x-rays dried, she was still sedated and was weight-bearing a little.

Now we shall wait and see. Boy, I do love that!

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