Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 2 Post-TPLO

Today was a good day. I stayed home with Winni who hung out like this most of the day...

All swaddled in fleecy (and staticy) blankets. She really seemed to be more comfortable if I was near her, so I spent most of the day behind the desk, barricaded in with her.

She slept most of the day, most likely because she just groaned and moaned all night last night. I don't think she could get comfortable at all.

We made her a little fort on my side of the bed by tying a sheet up to deter her from leaping to her normal sleeping spot.

She like the location, but just was up and down all night. Hopefully tonight will be a more restful night for everyone. I'll let you know. She continues to eat well and her spirits are much improved. Let's just hope she continues to improve.

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Jennifer said...

awww poor Winni. She looks a little sad but very cuddled in that photo. I hope she feels better soon.