Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 6 Post-TPLO (or as I call it, the return of squeeker, squeeker)

So Winni has always used squeeker toys as her "voice box." She loves to go find her toys when we get home and tell us all about her day, squeeking the living daylights out of any toy she gets. Her pack mates seem to be annoyed by this, and therefore rip any squeeking toy to shreds. It seems toys around here only last about a week. The Survivor of "Squeeker Island 3368" has been a cow pirate that Matina gave the dogs. It lasted a few months, but the last time I saw it, it was half under the refridgerator and literally inside out. So sad.

But, Winni has now found a plus side to her confinement...

No one will shred her Milkbone pig friend. She has Mr. Piggy all to herself for 12 weeks. YAHOO!!

All seems to be going well today, with a little more "toe-touching" or tapping the top of the foot to the ground when walking. Baby steps, that is how we will make it through 12 weeks.

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