Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm home...

Hi everyone. Winni here. I wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers while I had trivial plato legoing ice-cremotomy. (I don't think I spelled it right, but my mom has a link a few posts down.)

Here are some pictures of my x-rays.

Yikes, my mom needs a better camera phone... those are terrible. I heard Dr. Ballaga saying that they were fixing my shin bone and making it flatter on top. What you can't really see all that well in those pictures is the metal plate and six screws that hold my shin bone together.

Maybe you'll hear more from me later, but right now I'm going to lie on the floor and moan some more. Hopefully I'll feel better soon, because I miss my friends.

And ps, why they had to shave ALL the hair off my entire leg I don't know. Now I'm in pain AND cold AND look silly.

And pps, Happy Birthday to my Grandma. I'm sorry your dearest darling daughter couldn't make the movie, but I feel better if she is here with me.

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