Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 3 Post-TPLO

I hope that y'all don't mind all of the TPLO posts, but I find the information from other blogs helpful, so thought I'd add my own two cents, in case anyone wants to know. I will return to regularly scheduled programming in a week or so. Perhaps there will be a multi-post in the next day or so. Who knows?

But without further ado, may I present the Phillip Rivers of Irondale.

His was on the right knee, but Rivers, the qb for the San Diego Chargers, had ACL surgery on the same day as Winni. The picture above is one of Winni's four icing sessions daily. I've been doing 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off for 20-30 minutes.

I was also instructed to do passive range of motion exercises on/with her two to four times daily. The instruction sheet says to perform a "bicycle motion" with the effected leg. We will be working up to that. Right now it is only me pressing up on her paw and the down on her knee very gently. I only push until she resists, which isn't very far right now. Oddly enough, it seems easier to manipulate her leg while she is standing, so we worked a little in the yard this morning.

However, this is the look I get when I sit down on the floor with the ice pack.

Not the most excited look, huh. I am happy to report that Winni's constant brow furrow of the Christmas season is almost gone. I hope you are pleased, Victor!

Today was better. I think she feels much better, and is getting more steady on her feet. I'll update again soon!

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